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It's never too late to pick up and move to Italy

For many us it is just a dream. A fantasy. But there is no reason why we cannot change these fantasies into realities. And it's trusting your intuition.

My gut feeling was that I needed to be here- I had imagined it for so long. My sister lives here, my husband is from here- those re strong reasons. Or it could be a job transfer. There are many US

companies based in Milan. So if you wanted to move you easily could find a job here. Having moved away from the US now for a year, my perspective on it has shifted and I do realize that some of the reasons of why I left are even stronger now being away from it.

And here I am talking from a political sociological perspective. I feel more relaxed here with less fear of a stray bullet hitting me or a psychopathic killer on a rampage, and even though there are times when I feel Italy is a bit backwards, it is the oldness of its values that make me cherish it. The manners of the Milanese are impeccable. The organization of this city is superb, almost Swiss like and the food, well that's a whole other topic of conversation.

I suggest making a list of the pros and cons -reason for and against -and try it for a year-

These guys did and it was years in the making- like me.

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